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The RTI PIKO RGB are built exclusively with the latest RTI semiconductor laser module technology. The PIKO 80W RGB IP65 projectors are the most powerful RGB lasers of the RTI PIKO series and offer a highly professional solution thanks to their compact and robust housing in a wide variety of situations thanks to their IP65 rating. The lasers are completely manufactured in Germany and are built entirely with the strong RTI semiconductor laser modules.

These high-performance RSL modules with their extremely low divergence and homogeneous beam shape make the RTI PIKOs extremely high-visibility laser systems. The small beam diameters of approx. 8 mm* allow the use of small scanner mirrors with lower inertia, which enables high scanning speeds.

The standard scanners can perform at a maximum scan speed of 38 kpps @ 8° ILDA and a maximum scan angle of 48° (at 28 kpps). The intelligent LaserAnimation Sollinger Mainboard is integrated into the laser projectors, which provides the laser operator with a variety of control and setting options (e.g. via the LA.toolbox) or transmission options (such as AVB). In combination with the ShowNET Laser Mainboard, which is also integrated, ILDA, LAN (software), DMX / ArtNET control, player operation, etc. are available, ensuring the highest possible flexibility. Thanks to the new LAS mainboard, the laser output of the PIKO projectors can be interrupted via Ethernet using our Laser Disable Button. The Laser Disable can be easily integrated into the network and configured. Control signals can be looped through directly via the integrated network switch.


  • Diode modules of R 24W  I  G 31W  I  B 30W
  • Typical wavelenghts: 637 nm  I  525 nm  I  455 nm
  •  Beam diameter (mm) : 8
  • Beam divergence : <0.8 mrad 
  • Scanners : 38Kpps scanner @ ILDA8°, 28kpps @max 48°
  • Max scan angle : 48°
  • Weight: 39kg
  • Dimensions : L x W x H: 50cm x 30 cm x 30 cm
  • Ingress rating : IP65
  • Power consumption : 1500W
  • Fitted with Pangolin FB4 controller