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The BLITZ Lasergrid consists of a number of single laser units with single-colored blue or green laser source and a supply unit.

The single laser units are flexibly applicable. It is possible to install them on the ceiling, on the wall or in the ground as well as to attach them on a bar or on truss.
Depending on the arrangement, e. g. horizontally and vertically, the parallel laser output creates an impressive laser grid which can be used e.g. for the presentation of a new product or similar.

Each single laser unit is controlled by DMX (attenuation) and enable (current) loop. The single laser units are daisy chained.

The supply unit delivers the necessary supply voltage and features all necessary laser controls (key switch, interlock loop, DMX input).

Two lines each with approx. 30 daisy chained laser modules can be operated with one supply unit.

  • Laser type: Laser diode, class 4
  • Available wavelengths: 520 nm  445 nm
  • Specified output power: 1000 mW  1600 mW
  • Input signal: DMX
  • AC Input: 100-120 VAC / 200-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz, auto ranging
  • Dimensions single unit: 116,1 mm x 93,2 mm x 58,4mm (L x W x H)
  • Range of ambient temperature: Minimum -10°C to maximum 40°C
  • Laser safety features: Key switch, laser emission LED, Interlock