Worldwide Productions

For more than 20 years, LSE specializes in the design, development and production of multi-media shows, both for permanent installations and temporary events such as National Days, stadium spectaculars and opening ceremonies for instance.
Our strength lies in our exhaustive knowledge of all event related technologies and in the way that we mix them to create breathtaking and highly creative effects. Studies are undertaken looking at client and audience needs.
The show environment is taken into consideration, driving technical and creative decisions.

LSE’s creative team of degree-qualified artists provides services from complete creative solutions including concept, storyboarding and direction to image production and programming.

Various technologies and effects are considered, among others lighting, laser, video projections and mapping, water screens and fountains, pyrotechnics, and many others.

Driven by the creative process, the technical team supports and helps realizing the creative team’s vision with a special attention to the maintenance for the permanent installations.

Some of our references include the National Day celebrations of Kuwait, several permanent fountain installations in Japan, the SEA Games and many more!

Discover our latest shows

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