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Using water, it materializes images, texts and logos. The water is highlighted by LED projectors that can change the water colour on demand, allowing you to better stress the atmosphere of your event.

It can be integrated in an event concept, in a product launch, in a show orany concept that could benefit from the magic of water creating images. The possibilities are countless. The Pixel Fall is extendable in length (from 3.6 meters to unlimited extensions) and in height (from 3 meters to 8 meters).

The installation is not constraining and quite fluid and simple, around two days are necessary to set it up. The programming of the pixels can be done remotely in our premises at the preproduction stage. The image integration is based on a pixelised 2D format and can reproduce any text or 2D image given by its user.

  • Minimum length : 2 modules of 180cm (360cm)
  • Maximum length : no maximal value
  • Minimum height : 4 meters
  • Maximum height : 8 meters
  • Electrical supply : 10 AMP per module
  • Number of nozzles per module : 160
  • Net weight : 200kg / module
  • Weight when filled with water : 300kg / module