The BLITZ Basic is a powerful, very compact and especially competitive laser show projector. It is equipped with:

  • Default laser source (s): 532 nm Genesis Taipan OPSL – one or two are integrated depending on the desired output power.
  • Technically perfected reliable Taipan driver (s)  guarantee long life time as well as a perfect projection.
  • CT 6210H X, Y scanners with LaserAnimation’s time-tested Turbo Scan driver guarantee an excellent projection quality
    Scan system speed: 40 k ILDA 8°, maximum projection angle:  80° (typical 50°), reaction time (2° opt. step): < 0.2 ms, aperture: 4 mm

  • “LA Toolbox” software for remote control via PC or Mac
  • Well thought cooling system containing heat sink, peltier elements and  temperature controlled low noise fans
  • Powder coated steel sheet housing, dustproof according to IP 54
    Dimensions: 340 mm x 245 mm x 210 mm (L x W x H)


  • Built-in Grating module containing two effect wheels each equipped with different glass gratings for fantastic background effects
  • Integrated laser show controller Lasergraph DSP compact (PCB)
    Thereby the laser projector becomes a complete independent laser show system which can be used to play back as well as program laser shows.

Es preciso advertir que dicho producto debe ser administrado con cautela en personas con cáncer, con problemas de movilidad o antibióticos y tratamientos para el cáncer o para pacientes ancianos mayores de 65 años. Por lo tanto, es aún peor para muchos no poder mantener una erección permanente con regularidad, mientras tanto, Novo Nordisk.

  • Wide angle lens for expanding the laser output (mountable to the laser output window)