PHAENON Accurate

This projector was designed for mobile laser applications without elaborate installation, e.g. for exhibitions which are presented in different locations in a short period of time.

All components are integrated in compact, ultra-light carbon housing and the projector can be used in the studio, on stage or wherever you want.

Via the LAN AVB interface on the projector, studio equipment e.g. a mixing console for audio, video can be connected directly.

The laser source is a high value laser module consisting of red, green and blue laser diodes which is developed and manufactured by LaserAnimation.

The laser diode driver “LDT triple” developed by LaserAnimation guarantees a completely balanced projection picture. All color curves are calibrated so that mixed colors do not change when fading in or out.
The required laser safety is ensured by interlock loop and internal scan fail safety circuit.

Signal sources with an ILDA compliant output can be connected.

Monitoring of important functions and adjusting of operating parameters are easily possible using the intuitive “LA Toolbox” software installed on PC or Mac computer.


Equipped With

  • Built-in laser module “White 7000” with R 1,6 W  I  G 2 W  I  B 4 W
    Typical wavelenghts: 638 nm  I  520 nm  I  445 nm
  • Laser diode driver “LDT triple” guarantees long life time as well as perfect projection
  • CT 6210H X, Y scanners with LaserAnimation’s time-tested Turbo Scan drivers guarantee an excellent projection quality
    scan system speed: 40 k ILDA 8°, maximum projection angle: 80° (typical 50°), reaction time (2° opt. step): < 0.2ms, aperture: 4 mm
  • AVB interface for streaming ILDA Data via Ethernet
    Projector control by “LA Toolbox” software (included)
  • Analog ILDA interface
  • Dimensions:
    – Weight: Approx 5 kg
    – L x W x H: 331 mm x 154 mm x 105 mm