The Accurate BLITZ Tipo Basic is a powerful, very compact and especially competitive laser show projector

The dust-proof housing contains:

  • Single color DPSS high power laser with beam shaping from 2W to 10W
  • Processor controlled power supply for the laser
  • Projection unit with two CT6800 scanners and the time-proven high speed driver electronics by LA

The Accurate BLITZ Tipo Basic is especially suited for applications with little need for adjustment.

After it is turned on the laser automatically goes to its operating state and emits as soon as a modulation signal is applied.

The laser power is controlled only by the modulation signal.

Its Outstanding Features Are

  • extremely simple operation
  • outstanding projection quality
  • handy dimensions
  • affordable price
  • well-thought-out practical details
  • comprehensive safety concept (laser safety, operating safety)
  • guaranteed high reliability
  • very fast to start (less than 2 minutes heating phase), can be turned off immediately without post operation cooling time
  • can be controlled by any laser controller

Technical information