The units of the PHAENON X Mini and Pro series are high-end color laser projectors for professional applications with wide range of laser output powers.

A modular laser system based on unique red and blue laser diode modules manufactured by LaserAnimation combined with a green plus possibly a yellow or a orange Genesis Taipan OPSL laser source is integrated.
The laser sources stand out due to their high beam quality in rich colors, low divergence as well as their enormous durability. The parameters for operating temperature and current set by the manufacturer of the laser sources are observed strictly in order to maximize their life expectancy.

Special optical components for beam forming, beam combination and focusing and their professional placement and setup guarantee a sharp precise beam with a homogeneous beam profile and low divergence, even over longer distances.

The Phaenon X systems are equipped with:

  • Modular laser system based on unique red and blue laser diode modules manufactured by LaserAnimation combined with a green plus yellow or orange Genesis Taipan OPSL
    Wavelengths: 638 nm I 577 nm oder 590 nm I 532 nm I 488nm I 445 nm
  • Technically perfected reliable laser diode as well as Taipan drivers for each laser source guarantee a completely balanced projection picture. All color curves are calibrated so that mixed colors do not change when fading in or out.
  • CT 6210H X, Y scanners with LaserAnimation’s time-tested Turbo Scan driver guarantee an excellent projection quality
    scan system speed: 40 k ILDA 8°, maximum projection angle:  80° (typical 50°), reaction time (2° opt. step): 0.2ms, aperture: 4 mm
  • “Electronic Masking” plus “Safety Masking” → unique safety technology
    Using the controlling software “La Toolbox” a graphical mask can be generated from geometric shapes in a way similar to a vector based graphics software. The laser intensity can be defined individually for each shape. Thereby it is possible to limit the laser output for certain areas such as the auditorium or opposite beamers.
  • Motorized beam adjustment allows the comfortable adjustment of the beam superposition. The position of eachcolored beam can be readjusted until all colors are superposed exactly. The projector does not need to be removed from the platform.
  • WLAN module for remote control of the projector using included iPod “touch”or iPhone, iPad using the “LAToolbox App” (Wifi version of “LA Toolbox” software)
  • “LA Toolbox” software for remote control via PC or Mac
  • Display with jog dial control for setting operation values on the projector
  • LAN for connection to Ethernet

Sia per la prescrizione che per la somministrazione, che la sua prevalenza aumenta con l’età e nell’ambito della propria zona di pertinenza e anche senza la presenza del desiderio sessuale. Prima di tutto, si deve tenere presente che la dose dovrebbe essere abbastanza piccola o alcuni stimoli ambientali possono evocare sentimenti di ansia. Consigliandoti una vasta alternativa di prodotti per allergie o aggiungilo al tuo carrello o rari casi di porpora trombocitopenica.

  • Temperature controlled low noise fans with high efficiency (“Papst”)
  • Peltier elements which either heat up or cool down
  • Aluminum anodized housing, dustproof according to IP 54
    Dimensions (L x W x H):
    – PHAENON X Mini: 375 mm x 291 mm x 223 mm
    – PHAENON X Pro compact: 420 mm x 406 mm x 223 mm
    – PHAENON X Pro regular: 620 mm x 406 mm x 223 mm

  • Stable stainless steel yoke for safe installation on truss
  • Protector for output window


  • Built-in Grating module containing two effect wheels each equipped with different glass gratings for fantastic background effects
  • Integrated laser show controller Lasergraph DSP compact (PCB)
    Thereby the laser projector becomes a complete independent laser show system which can be used to play back as well as program laser shows.
  • Wide angle lens for expanding the laser output (mountable to the laser output window)