This GPS generator is a new state of the art concept in time code with limitless flexibility and reliability using a wireless and GPS satellite system. This system offers:

  • Ability to control multiple, diverse show locations worldwide, shows synchronized, triggered and controlled using the satellite time code generator.
  • Complete flexibility in time code offsets and frame rates means total control over both inputting and outputting time code.
  • Any 24/25/30/DF input can be changed to any desired 24/25/30/DF frame output.
  • Stability and reliability can be assured with a cleaned signal for clear, stable output and a freewheel possibility

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  • Atomic clock precision worldwide in both SMPTE and MIDI time code formats


Technical specifications

Continuous linked multi-machine time code generator.

Player MTC LTC 24 25 30 DF

RCA inputs and outputs, unbalanced signal.

MTC MMC inputs outputs, DIN 5 points

Supports MTC full message and ¼ frames.

MMC: play, stop, locate, standard MIDI protocol

MIDI USB external remote supported for MAC or PC (MOTU)


Unit’s Functions

Time code reader, generator and converter:

Input LTC output MTC

Input MTC output LTC

MCM (MIDI Command machines) standard output LTC and MTC


Time code wireless transmitter / receiver:

Bandwidth 433 MHz 10mW power

Omni-directional antenna provided with kit

BNC 50 ohms connector input

Range of 100-300 meters dependant on site conditions

Possibility to extend range by adding a precise directional antenna such as a Yagi, or an amplifier dependant on local regulations

Time code signal transmitted using an algorithmic digital coding signal to reduce jamming

Automatic time code freewheel feature for low or broken time code reception situations


Relay output

Dry relay: on connector 8A 240VAC max

Programmable start time and duration features


Time code generator from satellite time

SMA connector input for the GPS antenna (provided with 5 meters cable)

Atomic clock precision worldwide in SMPTE and MIDI TC

Automatic satellite time synch with GMT (Greenwich Meridian time)

Option to add offset and change time code format 24/25/30/DF (Gear Box)


Time code ‘’Gear BOX’’converter

Ability to convert any 24/25/30/DF input to any desired 24/25/30/DF frame output