Projection sphere in polyester trévira CS fire proof certificate M1 ,170 gr m², composed of 40 pieces assembled by double connections one against the other at 180°. The base is 3m height and 18m Ǿ in PVC grey anthracite 650 gr m² fire certificate M2.
The structure included 2 flap doors installed on metallic support, installed with red or green light for coming in or out.
An emergency door with double door 1,40 m x 2,05m .
A third fan is fitted and connected with switch to the emergency door.
The ballast are done with water, max 23 tons.

Additional Info

  • Total height 16,50 m, Æ ground 18 m , Æ link dome to base 15,50 m
  • Circumference : 56,50 m, Area: 254 m²
  • Volume: 3207 m³, Weight of the dome: 390 kg
  • Ballast: 21 water ballast Æ 0,80 m length 2.30 m, 500 kg ml = 23 m³